Innovation & Startup Showcase Session

As part of the IoT Festival Conference on Monday 10th June 2017 in Melbourne we will showcase 12 innovative and young companies doing great things in the IoT field. If you would like to be considered for this pitch events in 2017 and beyond, you can apply using the form below. There is no cost to apply and applying to present is completely CONFIDENTIAL. There is no set deadline. Applications will be assessed on a rolling basis at the discretion of the IoT Festival’s organisers, sponsors and partners. If you have any further questions, please contact Thomas Alomes.

Criteria for Selection
Presenting companies will be selected based on their online application. The general selection criteria are as follows:

  • Novelty: How new is the content/product/innovation/company at the core of the pitch? Debuting a big new platform or tool or tech is a big plus!
  • Innovativeness: How original is the approach? How big of a technological/logical leap does it make in the real world?
  • Potential: How much potential does the tool, platform or tech have to make a big impact in our world?
  • X Factor: Does it make us sit up and take notice?
  • Entertainment: Presenting an awesome new platform or tech is great. Presenting it in an awesome way is even better.
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